Your science and research is important.

That’s why you need to share it. Here at Whitbys, we help scientists and researchers build the skills they need to share their science and their work with expert and non-expert audiences, and work effectively with colleagues and peers, too.

You care about your research. We do, too.

We also care about how researchers and scientists communicate: with the public, with peers, and with colleagues.

That’s why we’ve created a series of research communication programmes and communication training courses to help scientists and researchersbuild the skills they need to do their research, share their results with experts and non-experts alike, AND succeed in their careers.

We deliver our tailored training for organisations and open courses live and online across the globe (using Zoom and similar tools). If you’re in Europe, live on-site training is possible, too.

Take a look around to see what we offer and how we work, or simply contact us to chat about your ideas. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

How we can help

Communication Skills Training | Europe | Innsbruck

Tailored Training

Training programmes designed to help scientists and researchers share their research and communicate effectively with diverse audiences.

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1-to-1 Communication Skills, Speaking & Presentation Coaching | Europe I Innsbruck

1-to-1 Coaching

Our communication coaching provides an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate personal learning and development and improve presentation and communication skills at speed.

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Communication Strategy | Europe | Innsbruck

Open courses

Online training programmes to help scientists and researchers build communication skills and share their research in the right way for their audiences.

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Training sessions for conferences, scientific meetings, research conferences, technical conferences, communication  → Whitbys. Communication matters.

Conference Training

Make your next scientific or research conference an opportunity to learn new skills with our conference training offerings.

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