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You’re here because you believe that communication matters.

Me too. In fact, everything that I do revolves around how to communicate better.

Well, hello there! Lovely that you’ve stopped by. Whitby’s is a specialist communication consultancy founded and run by me, Suzanne Whitby. I apply my expertise and years at the sharp end of communication in all its forms to help individuals and organisations become better communicators.

Whether you’re looking for a training programme to take your presentation skills to the next level, want to learn how to give effective feedback, need a facilitator for tricky meeting, want someone to turn your conference panel into an engaging event, or are looking for someone who understands the “art” of strategic communication, I and my team of expert partners can can help.

I’m based in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria, and work with clients locally as well as around the world thanks to the wonders of Zoom.

Who is behind the business?

Whitby’s is a deliberately smallmicro business of one person who occasionally brings in trusted associates and partners for special projects. That one person is me, Suzanne Whitby, and I am on a mission to help individuals and organisations take communication to a whole new level.

With 20+ years of expertise of working with communication in (almost) all its forms and a wide range of communication methodologies, facilitation frameworks, processes, tools and techniques at my fingertips, I use my experience, expertise, and boundless enthusiasm to enable people to get to the heart of communication challenges. I combine my international perspective and wealth of experience to provide creative insights, honest and direct feedback, and practical support that transforms individual and organisation communication as well as personal impact.

I am the founder and Communication Director of SciComm Success where I work with scientists, researchers, and research organisations who believe that their work deserves to be shared AND understood.

I am a member of the International Association of Facilitators where I run their “Business of Facilitation” programmes, the International Association of Business Communication, WEConnect International, and a trainer at both the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WIFI Tirol) and the British Library.

Suzanne Whitby, Communication Specialist

What I value

I play fair and like working with people who do the same.

I’ll tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear and not what will simply make me money.

I’m careful about who I work with and on what. I like forming strong, trusting working relationships, no matter how large or small the project, so that I can give you my best.

for obvious reasons (communication consultancy = good communication, yes!), and because it feeds into quality relationships.

People, planet and sustainability:
I believe that we all have a part to play in making positive change happen, and I love working with clients who are working to be part of the positive change, too.

Bravery AND pragmatism:
I love tackling tricky challenges head-on, and know when it’s possible to start a revolution, and it’s better to evolve in steps. I’ll advise you accordingly.

because, let’s face it, life is funny. A bit of laughter and levity goes a long way to fixing all sorts of things!

Communicate better and make a difference

I sometimes describe myself as a “fish hugger” (as in “tree hugger” but, you know, for fish). No, of course I don’t hug fish – I’m far too slow – but the ocean is my first love. If we work together, you’ll be contributing to the good work of The Coral Reef Alliance because I donate a portion of each project’s profit to support their efforts.

Just think: by becoming a better communicator, you’ll be saving coral reefs and giving turtles a chance to glide in an ocean without plastic (there is a way to go, yet). Is that an incentive or what?!

Saving our seas

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