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The most important person in the room isn’t me. It’s you, your people, your audience. 

If you…

  • Believe that communication matters…
  • Are ready to overcome communication breakdowns…
  • Want to learn new skills to help your ideas and messages get heard, shared, and adopted.
  • Like the idea of working with a communication specialist who is flexible, thoughtful, and focused on you and your needs…

Then you’re in the right place.

Communication is my passion and my profession. For over 20 years, I have been working with communication in all its forms, and for the last 10, I’ve been combining my expertise and practical experience to facilitate groups, deliver communication training programmes, and creating spaces where people can communicate clearly and authentically.

Together, we can take your communication to the next level.

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In the simplest possible terms, I help individuals and group communicate at their best. How I do this depends on you and what you need.

About Suzanne Whitby

I am a communication specialist and I design workshops, facilitate conversations, craft and deliver communication training programmes.

I’ve spent 20+ years working around the world and in each new role, project, and collaboration, my knowledge of communication methodologies, facilitation tools, and the power of participation has deepened and strengthened. I apply my experience, expertise, and passion to help people get to the heart of challenges, and to provide innovative insights, direct feedback, and supportive advice to help people transform their communication and personal impact.

I started my tiny (but perfectly-formed!) consultancy, Whitby’s, in 2003 after spending a few years in managing projects, people, clients, and expectations. I wanted to break free of the constraints of working within an organisation to push the boundaries of communication in all its forms, and since then, I’ve worked with groups large and small, across a range of sectors. My motto? Communication matters, and it’s a “practice” that can been learned and developed.

Although communication and facilitation are sometimes described as “soft skills”, they are actually “essential life skills”. I am practical, strategic, and empathetic in my approach, which means that if you want to work towards outcomes, then I might be a good fit.

I am the founder and communication director of SciComm Success, a specialist communication training and facilitation company that helps scientists and researchers communicate better. From my home base in Innsbruck, I run a speaking group called Speakeasy Tirol, and because I am interested in sharing skills, I also run a programme called “The Business of XYZ”, where I run short facilitated workshops on the business side of running a business.

I live the secret life of an oral storyteller, and in my free time, I am an avid reader, walker, scuba diver, writer, and gatherer-of-people. I am studying towards a PhD in the Classics, do my best to tread lightly on the earth, and I am a proud and sometimes homesick South African living in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria.

Simple, practical, useful…

I create spaces and teach skills that help individuals and teams come together, learn to communication better, and then, do it.

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