Intercultural Awareness Training

Learn how to navigate the communication challenges that arise when working with people who come from different countries and cultures.

About this course

When we talk about culture, we’re talking about the values, assumptions, and perceptions that we carry around with us and that influence how we behave, what we think, and how we communicate. Some cultural differences are apparently obvious, but the really tricky differences are hidden from plain sight and result in workplace misunderstandings and tensions, poor performance and lower efficiency.

Our intercultural awareness training is designed to help participants understand what culture is, how it drives behaviors, and how to avoid cultural challenges.

Depending on the length of this course and the goals of the participants, we can cover:

  • Understanding what culture is and the many layers of culture that can affect  international working
  • The primary cultural dimensions that affect communication: time, space, group dynamics, authority, risk, tasks, relationships
  • The importance of cultural awareness
  • Intercultural communication skills: interpreting styles and adapting your own to others
  • Cross-cultural meets virtual communication: challenges and solutions
  • Strategies for building successful cross-cultural relationships and working effectively across cultures
  • Country and cultural information about a specific country or cultural (for example, working in China, working in Mozambique etc.)
Intercultural communication


Scientists, researchers and individuals who work in multi-cultural teams, who manages multi-cultural teams, or who works with customers, suppliers, and colleagues who come from different countries or cultures.


Our cross-cultural training is designed to make participants aware of how communication can fail because of cultural differences, and equip them with tools and skills to overcome cross-cultural challenges and enjoy successful intercultural interactions.


4 hours – 2 days


12-30, depending on format


  • Live online using Zoom or similar technology
  • In-person at your office/premises or ours
  • 1-to-1 coaching



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