Storytelling and narrative for communicating science and research

Use narrative structures and storytelling to share your science and communicate research results.

About this course

Facts and figures are important but they speak to people’s intellect and are quickly forgotten. In contrast, as humans we seem hard-wired to remember stories because they trigger our emotions and our imaginations.

That’s why stories are such a powerful tool when it comes to sharing science and research, particularly if we want people to remember it, and even more so if we want to inspire people to DO something.

When we talk about stories, we’re not necessarily talking about folktales, and we’re certainly not talking about telling lies! We’re talking about using narrative structures to help you bring science and research to life, to inspire trust, to connect with your audience, and to make it memorable.

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This course will cover:

  • Understanding the value of storytelling in research and scientific environments
  • How and when stories can be used in communicating
  • How to align supporting narratives with communication goals
  • The elements successful stories share
  • How to find meaningful stories
  • Data and storytelling
  • The story of your research
  • How to choose the right narrative structure
  • How to create vivid characters and descriptive settings
  • How to use voice and body language to enhance delivery
  • How to build an easy-to-reference story library


This workshop is suitable for scientists, researchers, and subject-matter experts who want to incorporate stories into their research and science communication to make it memorable and inspire action.


The goal of this workshop is for participants to learn how to make science and research more relatable using storytelling and narrative approaches in their science and  research communication.


4 hours


Up to 12
(so that each participant gets lots of personal input and support)


  • Live online using Zoom or similar technology
  • In-person at your office or ours
  • 1-to-1 coaching



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