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Designing structured conversations and facilitating meetings that bring people together to collect ideas, reach agreement, and make decisions.

You want to bring a group together make decisions, plan great things, and achieve common goals.

An external facilitator can help you get buy-in, design  agendas, craft sessions, manage focused conversations, and keep participants on track.

As a facilitator, my role is to design and guide conversations that serve the group. The expert knowledge about the topic at hand doesn’t lie with me: it lies at the heart of the group itself and my purpose is to help get that knowledge into the room to help the group decide how best to use that knowledge to meet the goals of the meeting.

I provide facilitation and moderation for groups in the corporate, scientific and academic, and non-profit worlds, and my work includes meeting facilitation, helping teams and groups make things happen, and moderating panels.


typical projects

Typical facilitation projects that I work on include:

  • Team and Board retreats or away days
  • Strategic planning, and progress reviews
  • Project planning sessions
  • Team building
  • Community building
  • Organisational development and transformation
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Online meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Leadership development and capacity building
  • Panel moderation

methods & tools

I facilitate both online and in-person groups (all online now, to be honest) and I draw on a rich set of tools and methods to design productive and insightful gatherings, including:

  • ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP)
  • The Art of Hosting
  • World Café
  • Liberating Structures
  • Open Space Technology
  • Participatory Tools and Techniques
  • Narrative Techniques
  • Graphic Facilitation
  • Embodied Methodologies
  • And a whole suite of online tools to engage, involve, and get people talking

Simple, practical, useful…

I create spaces and teach skills that help individuals and teams come together, learn to communication better, and then, do it.

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