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Communication Training

Become a more effective and strategic communicator

We can help you find AND use your voice so that you can communicate clearly, confidently, and authentically.

Our workshops are practical and hands-on, with many opportunities to practise and reflect, so that you’ll leave with communication tools and strategies that you can use right away.  

What interests you?

Prefer to talk?

Professional facilitation

Speaking & presentation training

Make an impact for all the right reasons. We offer customisable programmes including:

  • Planning and crafting your presentation or talk
  • Slide design
  • Speaking with impact

If you have a big presentation or speaking event coming up, you might also be interested in our practical Presentation Lab.

Interpersonal communication training

Our customisable communication training is all about you understanding your own behaviours, understanding the behaviours of others, and learning strategies so that you can make the most of any communication situation in which you find yourself.

Some of the programmes we offer include:

  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Dealing with tricky personalities
  • Managing conflict
  • Understanding non-verbal communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The art of conversation
  • The 360 degree communicator

Building intercultural intelligence

If you work with people from a variety of cultures and countries, work in a diverse team, or are an organisation wanting to reach a global audience, understanding how culture affects our interactions can yield wonderful results.

We run short, half-day introductory sessions to build awareness and help you get started on your journey, longer workshops for teams, and culture-specific sessions to get soon-to-be expatriates on their feet.

Individual coaching

People who excel in their field more often than not have coaches….top athletes, singers, actors, and politicians, to name a few. If you want to excel professionally and privately, perhaps communication coaching is an option for you.

Communication coaching is all about you: if we work together, we’ll provide bespoke personal development, listen to your requirements, answer your questions, challenge you, inspire and encourage you. It’s the difference that makes a difference.

This one-to-one learning process is flexible and is designed to accommodate the constantly changing needs of our busy lives. I’ll not only help you develop new skills, but I’ll challenge you to be even better than you think you can be, whilst supporting you every step of the way.

Kind words

Wow! Even though this workshop went online, Suzanne manged to keep my attention throughout. I feel as if my eyes are open to different ways to present my research in future and the tools I have will help. I had a lot of fun!

- Participant from Utrecht University

The non-verbal communication workshop that Suzanne ran today was fascinating. I loved the exercises and opportunities to reflect with other participants. I don’t know that my body language has changed as a result, but I am much more aware of how I am communicating non-verbally and much more aware of other peoples’ body language, and that’s a great start for me. Thank you, Suzanne, for a fun and informative session.

- Participant from The Story Accelerator

Suzanne coached me for an important presentation that I had coming up with some angel investors. We decided that the best approach would be to work together to create the presentation from scractch, so that I had the benefit of learning with a real expert. We spend a lot of time on delivery and practising, which made all the difference on the day. My presentation was a success, and I have learned new skills that I have been using in all aspects of my business. Well worth it.

- Nicole Davis


I wasn’t sure what I’d come away with from today’s storytelling workshop, so I was pleasantly surprised to have a whole suite of templates and examples that have already helped me to improve my writing and think more critically about the audience and how to motivate them. A worthwhile day for me. Thank you.

- Participant from Universität Innsbruck

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