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Professional facilitation

Get all the voices in the room. Achieve consensus. Make decisions.

If you want to bring a group of people together to generate ideas, plan great things, align attitudes, and make decisions, you may find it a challenge to work out how to get everyone on the same page!

As a professional facilitator, I can help you consider things like group dynamics, pre-empt objections, and think about outcomes, and then design conversations and activities to help move the discussion forward. By staying neutral and leaving the content expertise to your team, I can facilitate and moderate events large and small, online and in-person, using a range of proven facilitation techniques.

Do you have a facilitation project in mind?

If you already some ideas about what you need and you’d like to discuss it, let’s have a conversation.

Typical projects

Typical facilitation projects I work on include:


  • Team and Board retreats or away days
  • Strategic planning, and progress reviews
  • Project planning sessions
  • Team building
  • Community building
  • Organisational development and transformation
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Online meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Leadership development and capacity building
  • Panel moderation

Methods & tools

I facilitate both online and in-person groups (all online now, to be honest) and draw on a rich set of tools and methods to design productive and insightful gatherings, including:


  • ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP)
  • The Art of Hosting
  • World Café
  • Liberating Structures
  • Open Space Technology
  • Participatory Tools and Techniques
  • Narrative Techniques
  • Graphic Facilitation
  • Embodied Methodologies
  • And a whole suite of online tools to engage, involve, and get people talking