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Panel and event moderation

Professional moderation means that we never forget your audience

Arranging a conference or seminar can be a complex, time-consuming and expensive task. If, after all the effort you invest, the event fails to engage or involve the audience, then it’s not only a waste of time, but also potentially damaging to your reputation or your cause.

Speakers who talk longer than scheduled, no attempt to engage and involve the audience, lack of clarity for the audience (for whom many English will be a second, third or fourth language), incoherent discussions, and unclear outcomes are just some of the potential landmines.

We offer moderation for in-person and virtual conferences that ensure that your sessions run smoothly and to time, and that they are lively, engaging, and informative, too, with inclusive discussions and a clear focus on the objectives of the organisers.

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Professional facilitation

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Since COVID started, Suzanne has been moderating our virtual events and we believe that she is a key part of our success. She is always happy to jump in when we need her (sometimes at short notice) and whether we get her involved early or late, she always manages to research thoroughly, share insights with our team, and prepare a format the keeps everyone engaged and involved. As an added bonus, nothing ever seems to be too much trouble, which has been a relief in times where plans often change at the last minute.

- Sherrie Hanson

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