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Additional communication services

B2B and B2C marketing communication

You want to reach an international audience with a strategic marketing campaign that drives action.

So why would you work with a communication specialist who focuses primarily on training, facilitation, and moderation? Well, for starters, because I know communication inside and out. On a more practical level, however, because I founded a creative communication agency in 2004 and built it into a thriving business with offices in the UK, USA, and South Africa. For 12 years, I worked with service businesses of all shapes and sizes, crafting strategies, building brands, planning and executive campaigns. Although my focus has changed, I still work with a handful of clients who have interesting projects and a desire to do something that benefits people and planet.

My approach is transparent and no-nonsense, I couple business pragmatism with creative savvy and technical know-how, and for over 20 years, I’ve been helping businesses share messages and drive action digitally, in print, and in person. Perhaps I can help you too?

Have an internationally-focused marketing project in mind?

If you have a project in mind, get in touch and let’s talk about your ideas. Who knows what might happen?

Communication strategy

In a world of too-much-information and message saturation, only arresting, systematic, well-planned messages will get through. To create those messages, however, you need a strategy and a plan. I can help you align your strategy with your business goals, then get your positioning and messaging spot-on, and finally, plan a smart, systematic, high impact communication campaign.

Branding and identity

What do you stand for? What is your unique voice? And how are you communicating that visually? Like it or not, your organisation will be judged by the creative material you share – online, in print, and in the traditional media. I can help you with all aspects of branding and identity including value alignment, naming or re-naming, logo, and artwork design for every conceivable need.

Content and copywriting

Content matters. It’s how you communicate with others using the written word, and if you want to keep their attention in our busy world, you need to get your writing right. I can help you create compelling copy in international English that makes readers think, tells a vibrant story, pre-empts questions, and drives action and engagement.

German-to-English translation and rewriting

If you’re a business based in Austria, Germany, or (parts of) Switzerland, your primary language is probably German. But what do you do when you want to expand and reach an international audience using English? Simple translation won’t work because English is just different: a phrase that sounds fantastic in German just doesn’t translate, so a bit of rewriting is needed. I can help you define the right tone and style for your English content, and then turn your German copy into an English version that engages and interests.

Creative and artwork

Well-designed creative material and artwork is consistent, clear, and easy for the reader to skim. Let me apply my graphic design and creative skills to help you create a memorable look-and-feel and apply it to every aspect of your organisation so that your visual message resonates far and wide.

Social media management

Many organisations have already made the move to using social media as a communication tool. If that’s you, how’s that working for you?

I can help you assess where you are, make suggestions for improvement, and help you write engaging posts for your channels. I don’t want to take over your social media. Rather, I can work with you to take a more sophisticated approach to social media so that you get the absolute maximum value from the tools available. This means setting up and managing a series of profiles and creating a ‘broadcast system’ so that any content you produce is circulated around the highest possible volume and quality of audience. The by-product of a great social media presence is priceless search engine optimisation for your website. For this reason alone, it’s worth it.

Websites and CO.

I love websites. If you are selling to other businesses, a smart, clear website is an absolute must as a lead generation and sales support tool. Creating your website is about far more than simply hiring a fancy designer. You need to start by doing a bit of thinking into how you want to set up your shop window so that you can engage potential clients and generate leads.

How I can help:

Website planning workshop:
get all your ideas on the table so that you can think logically about what the site should do for you and how to achieve it.

Website design:
you’ll dream it, and I’ll craft it, tweak it, polish it and then present ideas for your new site.

Website build: 
I have a bit of a techie streak and old-fashioned HTML, css, WordPress, a million-and-one themes, Joomla!, Drupal, and loads more are my playgroups. I can help you choose the right tool for your needs, and then bring your website to life using that tool. (As an aside, I teach WordPress workshops at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce – the WIFI – as well as the British Library and regularly give talks on websites and WordPress at networking events and more).

Ongoing website support:
if you’re short on time or resources or simply stuck, I can keep you site up-to-date and problem free, and I can even help with regular fresh content, too.

Digital marketing

Social media is one aspect of your digital marketing toolkit. Your website is another, as is your content, your branding, your visual communication. It all hangs together. I can help you do just about everything you need relating to digital marketing, and measure it, too. Phew!

Project management

What is project management if not exceptional communication with equally good follow-ups to keep people on track? I’ve been managing projects of varying sizes, from itty-bitty client projects to complicated, high-stakes EC projects, for well over 20 years.

If you have a mission-critical project coming up, I can help by organising a project planning meeting to get all the project details out in the open so that team members can think logically about what key outcomes and how to achieve them. I can also help to set up the project and facilitation regular project update sessions to make sure that your project stays on track, as well as a project debrief meeting to ensure that lessons are learned and the project comes to a clean close.

Good advice and brainstorming

If you’ve had a new idea, don’t jump right in. Spend a little time exploring the pros and cons, looking at what’s out there and collecting information. You can do this yourself, or you can bring me in for a short brainstorming session. I’ll ask you a series of questions before we meet, and then we’ll brainstorm possible ideas together. I’ll offer you insights and ideas that range from tools to websites to consultants to processes to case studies to good communication practise, and by the time we’re done, you’ll have a wealth of information to help you assess pros and cons and move forward – or not.